Welcome - intro - what is this class about

Welcome to the "Hummingbird II" class. My name is Maria Raczynska, and I will be teaching you how to paint this colorful hummingbird in watercolors.

In this class, I will be teaching you:

  • how to properly wet the paper;
  • apply colors 'wet on wet;
  • what colors to start with;
  • how to lift colors to add highlighted hair detail;
  • how to 'lift colors over the wings; when to lift colors; what brush to use
  • how to paint a natural-looking branch, also 'wet on wet;
  • how to go about details, what to focus on, and what to leave alone, so the painting doesn't look overworked; how to keep things 'loose;
  • I will be teaching you about undertones;
  • and how to go about a background;

This class contains 9 video parts, you can start and pause anytime you want.

Please do not worry about matching any colors, it's all about light and shadows, to create a nice balance in your painting.

Here's our reference.

The sketch is available for download below.

Please see the next lecture for the list of art supplies, and please note that you do not need to match with colors.

Happy painting!

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