Choose this short class if you are interested in learning how to paint loose cotton flowers in watercolor.

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Painting 'loose'

and having fun with it.

In this quick class, I will be teaching you how to paint loose cotton flowers with just a couple of colors. The idea is to paint these without a sketch.

Painting without a sketch, forces us to pay less attention to details. We focus more on creating shapes instead, with water and paint on the paper.

This class is very short but everything is in real time.

All classes in this school are detailed, and I talk while I am painting.

Class Curriculum

  Cotton flowers
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  Painting process
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  Painting challenge
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'Loose' doesn't mean
not realistic.

You can paint 'loose' - 'wet on wet' or 'wet on dry'.

In these three examples, I painted the iris flowers, sunflowers and lilies - 'wet on wet', with smaller areas left 'paper dry'.

'Loose' sunflowers.

'Loose' lillies.

Hi, I’m your watercolor teacher!

After starting two online schools (first on Patreon and later on Teachable), I wanted to create a membership-based school with more detailed classes. Something similar to what I'm offering on Teachable but a lot more affordable and with a broader choice of subjects.