Choose this class if you are interested in learning how to paint a bird 'loose and 'wet on wet in watercolors.

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Painting feathers

In this class, you will learn how to paint soft feathers without painting every single hair and focusing on too many details. I will teach you how to create an overall impression of feathers using colors, light, shadows, and without overworking the areas.

You will also learn how to paint realistic-looking eyes.

Class Curriculum

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  Painting process
Available in days
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Focusing on a beak

The process is pretty simple but it requires a lot of concentration. It's all about following the steps. We start by wetting the head and neck, then apply colors 'wet on wet.


As the layer is drying, we begin to lift colors.


Painting the beak and the eye comes later. It's also important to add shadows where needed.

Part 5 (free preview)

Hi, I’m your watercolor teacher!

After starting two online schools (first on Patreon and later on Teachable), I wanted to create a membership-based school with more detailed classes. Something similar to what I'm offering on Teachable but a lot more affordable and with a broader choice of subjects.

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