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Painting windows and cracks

The process of painting a window with shutters starts with planning. Plan your steps ahead otherwise, the chances are that your painting will go sideways. I am sharing this from my own experience.

Something like this requires visualizing the process. A process that's actually much easier than it seems, because, for the majority part, we are painting almost everything 'wet on dry.

The wall is painted 'wet on dry. Blooms and hard edges are what make your painting look even more natural and beautiful.

The window/shutters are also painted 'wet on dry, starting with undertones, and adding colors as you go.

You want to mix colors on the paper, rather than in your palette. The biggest reason is to avoid 'muddiness.

Shadows and light are always the most important.

I am here to teach you how to create texture, and how to lift colors - if needed. How to paint cracks, what to do about the 'white frame of the window, and many other techniques.

Hi, I’m your watercolor teacher!

After starting two online schools (first on Patreon and later on Teachable), I wanted to create a membership-based school with more detailed classes. Something a lot more affordable and with a broader choice of subjects.

Examples of some of my other architectural pieces in watercolor.


Without light there's no contrast.


Without shadows, there's no 'dimension.


By using shadows and light we can create a beautiful contrast. A painting that not just looks natural, but also realistic.

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