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All about the right timing

When applying 'salt to your watercolor painting - it's all about the right timing.

If you apply salt too early - you may create a big bloom or the 'salt will overtake your entire background.

If you apply salt too late, nothing will happen.

I am explaining all the steps in this free course.

After you complete this course, if you would like to play some more - try the two "Snowflakes" classes.

There are two different versions of Snowflakes:

"Snowflakes I" and "Snowflakes II"

The difference is:

In "Snowflakes I" I added salt to the 'second layer.

In "Snowflakes II" I added salt to the 'first layer.

Class Curriculum

  Salt and watercolors
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  Creating a salt effect
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Hi, I’m your watercolor teacher!

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