Choose this class if you are interested in learning how to paint 'loose' flowers and practice more 'wet on wet' in watercolors.

If you choose the bundle option "ALL YOU CAN PAINT", you will only pay $20 a month and have access to more than 50 classes!

Painting sunflowers

Take this class if you feel that your paintings are 'too detailed' and you need to 'loosen up'. I will teach you how to create a vibrant background while applying colors wet on wet. How to create a balance between 'light and dark' and so the painting doesn't become too busy.

This class is suitable for students at all levels - because you can paint anything! It's just a matter of how your painting will turn out today, at this stage of a learning curve.

Class curriculum

  Sunflower field
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  Painting process
Available in days
days after you enroll

Hi, I’m your watercolor teacher!

After starting two online schools (first on Patreon and later on Teachable), I wanted to create a membership-based school with more detailed classes. Something similar to what I'm offering on Teachable but a lot more affordable and with a broader choice of subjects.

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