Art supplies - what you will need for this class

In this lecture, you will find a list of art supplies I used for this painting. Please do not worry about matching colors, what is more, important are light and shadows, to create a nice balance in your painting.

General notes.

  • The shadows on the ice cream cone are mostly a combination of blue+yellow+red, the primary colors.
  • The softness in the cone is created by applying the colors wet on wet. Once the area is becoming too dry, this is when you want to leave it and let it dry, otherwise, it's easy to start creating hard edges, or even blooms.
  • You can add more color with the second layer.
  • Right before the paper is too dry - damp - that's when you want to start lifting the colors, if at all.
  • Some of the shadows over the scoop can be added later wet on dry.
  • The area on the cone, right underneath the scoop needs to be shadowed. The shadows should be added wet on wet, with the second layer. Why wet on wet over wet on dry? Because wet on wet will give you a soft effect, no hard edges.
  • Always work with light and shadows, if there's no light preserved, no shadows created - there are no dimensions.

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