Welcome - intro - what is this class about. Reference.

Welcome to the "Country road" class. My name is Maria Raczynska, and I will be teaching you how to paint this landscape using different techniques in watercolor.

The painting to the left is the one you will see me working on in this class. The one to the right was my test piece.

To be honest, I often prefer my 1st tries because generally, they are more spontaneous, but spontaneous doesn't often work well in a class, so once I did my test piece, I knew exactly what to focus on in this class, to make things as clear as possible.

Painting for this class.

Test piece below.

What I like about my test piece is the way trees are slightly leaning towards the right side. You have an option to go straight or make them lean one way or the other.

In this class, I will be teaching you:

  • how to properly wet the paper;
  • how to apply colors 'wet on wet;
  • what colors to start with;
  • what water to paint ratio to use when painting 'wet on wet and 'wet on dry
  • what to focus on, and what to leave alone, so the painting doesn't look overworked;
  • How to keep things airy and light;
  • I will be teaching how to create foliage on trees;
  • How to add shadows over the road;
  • How to shade tree trunks;
  • How to create realistic-looking clouds;

This class contains 5 video parts, you can start and pause anytime you want.

Please do not worry about matching any colors, it's all about light and shadows, to create a nice balance in your painting.

Here's our reference.

Please see the next lecture for a full list of suggested art supplies.

Happy painting!

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