Thank you for joining me today!

This watercolor class is about painting an old door with brick walls. I will be teaching you how to create different textures, using multiple watercolor techniques. 

The picture below is the door you will be painting in this class.

For your inspiration, here are examples of some of my other watercolor architectural pieces.

In the window above,

I used the same techniques for painting the wall, the window, along with all the shadows.

The bricks in the middle painting are painted the same way - wet on dry, mixing colors on the paper - as you will be painting the bricks in this class.

I will be teaching you how to work with light and shadows to create a realistic painting. You will be painting the shadows 'wet on wet and 'wet on dry.

I will be also teaching you how to blend the colors on the paper, vs on your palette. I will be talking about the color wheel, in a non-intimidating way, as with creating natural shadows, you want to work with complementary colors. 

And because this course is so broken down into sections, and there's a lot of 'wet on dry painting, such as the initial layer for the walls, then bricks, and finally the door, this class is suitable for students at all levels, including beginners.

Are you ready?

Let's jump right into it!

The picture below is another example where I used very similar techniques to paint the wall and the window.

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