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Macaw parrot

It took me years to figure out the best ways to paint soft, and effortless feathers with watercolors.

It's all about making a plan ahead of painting and following your steps.

It's important to visualize the process of applying the first layer, then to think about the technique you are going to use afterward, like 'wet on wet, or 'lifting'.

If you don't think ahead about all the steps, the chances are your painting will go sideways.

I am here to share the secrets with you of how to paint these soft, rich, fluffy feathers, and to share more about my favorite technique - lifting colors with a liner brush.

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  Macaw Parrot
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  Painting process
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Feathers and first layer

The first layer is the most important. I also need to work pretty fast since the paper is drying. I usually have about 15min to apply the colors to that first layer. After that, I start using other techniques to create soft feathers.

Macaw in this class

It's important to get familiar with all the colors you are going to use ahead of painting. Some colors can easily get muddy when mixed. 

Colors such as reds, yellows, and blues can be very intense.

One layer parrot

I painted this parrot with only one layer, except the eye, its face, and the beak.

Rich colors

To create different shades of red, I added a 'bright rose' to the main red.


Regardless of the main color of the feathers, you want to start with undertones.

Using multiple yellow pigments

For this parrot, I used 3-4 different shades of yellow, but it is not necessary to use so many different colors. What's more important is preserving enough areas for the highlights, and using additional colors to create more shades of 'yellow', and shadows. For example, adding reds and blues. It's all about the primary colors.

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